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About us

About time for justice specialises in assisting victims of historical sexual abuse seeking possible justice through the litigation process. Our passion is helping victims who have been affected by abuse within private and public institutions across Australia. An institution is a public or private organisation or entity governed by specific rules, offering such things as educational programmes, rehabilitation, incarceration, service, or training. Institutions may offer grants, scholarships, and other opportunities. Some types of institution are listed below but may not be limited to these. Please ask us if you are unsure:


Contemporary out-of-home care

Historical residential institutions


Sport, recreation, arts, culture, community, and hobby groups

Contemporary detention environments

Youth detention Immigration detention

Religious institutions

Missions, reserves, and related residential institutions

Orphanages Industrial schools

Training homes Training schools


Children’s homes

Family group homes

Military or cadets

Hostels and emergency accommodation

Mental hospitals

Psychiatric facilities Disability institutions

The Client’s Needs are our First Priority

The team from About Time for Justice understand that taking the first steps towards and legal advice can be intimidating, especially for those who have had issues with trusting people, systems or organisations they have been exposed to in their past.


Our experienced team, many who have shared their own story and experience in this area are trained to eliminate stress and complex process of approaching and dealing with the most appropriate legal representatives.

 We provide full support to our clients, so they know all of the options available taking away the anxiety of having to tell your story to many people and assist in liaison with legal firms and lawyers to minimise fears of the processes involved in taking legal action.

We have legal representatives we partner within some of Australia's largest firms, as well as smaller specialised law firms that provide targeted legal advice based client needs.

 Our team have the skills to explain what is happening with your matter in simple terms, and available to answer any questions, and work flexibly with each client based on meeting the best outcome for their individual circumstances.


I can sit and find all the negatives that I have been through, I look at life like this. You manifest your outcomes, so at the lowest part of my life, I couldn't have gotten any lower. I looked at the glass half full as positive energy, positive thinking and positive outcome. Been homeless on drugs, pregnant and incarcerated. I have been clean for two years, I have both my children, my health, my sanity and food in the fridge. I also have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. I feel like the wealthiest person. I advise those who want it, I don't judge anyone. I have an ear to listen, If I can help that one person with a hug that one word of positivity then that is apart of my healing thanks to about time for justice.


Hey, its Martin here thanks for your message, I am feeling a bit lost talking about my childhood. I am feeling overwhelmed by it all, I feel like someone is doing something about my past. I have never spoken to anyone about it before. I feel like now I've got a voice to talk about it thanks for your message, it has helped me more than you know. 


Morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was a bit quiet I'm feeling a little bit down today, there is a lot of my past that I need to let go of and move on. So that I can start living my normal life, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me talk about my abuse, enjoy your day.


Make a start today

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At About Time for Justice, we will listen! Our consultants will provide an obligation free phone consultation, and no costs are involved just assistance and the information for you to make an informed decision about the steps you wish to take.

Once you know your options and make a choice, you have started your healing journey towards a brighter future!

If you have suffered from abuse in any of the institutions listed, please contact us for assistance.


We can also assist you with information in regards to Institutional compensation applications,  and personal injury.

Jacob Little Founder

Todd Little co Founder