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I was raised in a small country town, I had a great life growing up. I grew up with my father mother and two younger brothers.

We had a very loving family home.

When I was very young, I suffered abuse in an institution. At the time, I did not really know what had happened.

As I got older, it started to affect me in many different ways. I started drinking and taking drugs.

At the time, I was having fun. I didn’t understand.

I was trying to block what had happened to me all them years ago.  As I got older, I started getting caught up in different crowds.

Eventually, I joined a gang, in many different ways, this felt like family and home away from home.

I started getting caught up in some pretty serious stuff.

Unfortunately I found my self getting charged with some severe offences. I ended up in jail to serve a sixteen and a half year sentence.

The goal was no fun and a big waste of time. You learn your lesson. I was worried about my kids growing up with no father to guide them.

I got on the drugs on the inside, they helped to block out the pain. At the same time, they sent me crazy, so  I stopped and done my time.

While I was in jail I lost nearly everything, my house, my family, my possessions, all the things that I had earned from doing from what I thought at the time was cool and quick easy earn, how I was so wrong.

One of the most challenging times, while I was in jail, was when I lost my father, Rest in Peace, Weseley Bruce Little.

I tried to go to the funeral, but the prison wouldn’t let me attend.

I spent half of my life out of jail taking drugs to block out the pain as I am survivor, we will do our best to help all survivors.

I have lived experience, and I know how challenging it is to talk about our experiences, I am healing, and I am out of jail with my three kids.

They are all growing up; I am proud of them all, I have generous, loving support from my wonderful family.

Jacob and I would like you on your journey after our experiences.

Contact us and see how we can help today.

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“Hey, it’s Martin here thanks for your message, I am feeling a bit lost talking about my childhood. I am feeling overwhelmed by it all, I feel like someone is doing something about my past. I have never spoken to anyone about it before. I feel like now I’ve got a voice to talk about it thanks for your message, it has helped me more than you know.”


“Morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was a bit quiet I’m feeling a little bit down today, there is a lot of my past that I need to let go of and move on. So that I can start living my normal life, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me talk about my abuse, enjoy your day.”


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